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Paul Verhaeghen

Image of Paul Verhaeghen

Paul Verhaeghen was born in Belgium in 1965. Verhaeghen, a cognitive psychologist and novelist, moved to the United States in 1997, while continuing to publish in his native Dutch. His first novel, Lichtenberg, was awarded the 1996 Flemish Debut Prize. Working together with Isabelle Rossaert, he published the epistolary novel Mons Veneris Variations in 1999. His most recent work, Omega Minor, has received numerous awards. The original Dutch version won the 2005 F. Bordewijk Award for Fiction, the 2006 Culture Award of the Flemish Government, and the 2007 Award for Prose of the Joint Flemish Provinces. His translation of Omega Minor won the 2008 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize. He currently works in the psychology department at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia.

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