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Peter Weber

Peter Weber is a Swiss novelist and musician. Born in 1968 in Wattwill, Switzerland, he has lived in Zurich for many years, although he travels frequently and spent most of 2008-9 in Istanbul.  His novels include Der Wettermacher, Silber und Salbader, Bahnhofsprosa, and Die Melodielosen Jahre. In addition to novels, Weber’s search for new forms of literary representation has resulted in various literary-musical collaborations and projects in styles ranging from improvised acoustic to electronic, including performances with the string quartet Die Firma and the recording Singende Eisen, Spangen und Gleise: Vier Dichtende Maultrommler.  He has received many prizes for his writing, including the Solothurner Literature Prize.  In 2011, Weber was one of the featured writers at the Festival Neue Literatur in New York.

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