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Pierre Mejlak

Image of Pierre Mejlak

Born in Malta in 1982, Pierre J. Mejlak is a novelist and short story writer. He has won four National Book Awards in Malta and the Sea of Words European Short Story Award. His first collection of short stories for adults, Qed Nistenniek Niezla max-Xita (I'm Waiting for You to Fall with the Rain) was published to critical and popular acclaim in 2009. His second collection of short stories, Dak li l-lejl ihallik tghid (What the Night Lets You Say), was published in June 2011. A number of his short stories have been translated into English, French, Catalan, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, and Italian, and were read at numerous literary festivals around Europe and the Middle East. Mejlak's awardwinning novel Rih Isfel (Southern Wind) has been turned into a prime-time TV series for Malta's national TV station.

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