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Called the “pioneer of Khmer Rap” and “Cambodia’s first rap star” by Newsweek, praCh (Prach Ly) was born in Cambodian refugee camps at the end of the Khmer Rouge regime. His debut album, Dalama . . . The End’n is Just the Beginnin’, recorded for the Cambodian New Year in Long Beach, made its way to Phnom Penh without his knowledge and became the top album in Cambodia, under the title Khmer Rouge, Khmer Rap. His music skillfully blends contemporary American hip-hop with traditional forms of Khmer poetry and storytelling. praCh’s Dalama, with lyrics in Khmer and English, is credited with introducing hip-hop to Cambodia and opening the history of the Khmer Rouge era to a younger generation who grew up largely unaware of Cambodia’s past. He has since released two more Dalama albums and written scores for the film documentaries Rice Field of Dreams and Enemies of the People. He is co-founder and co-director of the Cambodia Town Film Festival. As CEO of Mujestic Records, he also produces other Cambodian artists. In the tracks presented here, praCh collaborates with poet U Sam Oeur and traditional musician Kong Nay.

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