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Ray Loriga

The author, screenwriter, and director Ray Loriga (Jorge Loriga Torrenovais) was born in Madrid in 1967. He is the author of the books Lo peor de todo [The Worst Thing of All, 1992], Héroes (1993), Caídos del Cielo (La pistola de mi hermano [My Brother's Gun, 1995], Tokio ya no nos quiere [Tokyo Doesn't Love Us Anymore, 1999], Trífero (2000), and El hombre que inventó Manhattan [The Man Who Invented Manhattan, 2004] and the screenplays Carne trémula [with Pedro Almodóvar; Live Flesh], La pistola de mi hermano [My Brother's Gun, 1997], El séptimo día [The Seventh Day, 2004], Ausentes [English: Absentees, 2005], and Teresa, el cuerpo de Cristo [Teresa: The Body of Christ, 2007).

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