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Robert Paquin

Image of Robert Paquin

Robert Paquin is a Montreal poet, raised in Pointe-Saint-Charles, between two railway tracks and the Lachine Canal. After a classical education, he studied at the University of Montreal, then at King’s College, University of London, where he earned a Ph.D. He then taught at several universities in Chicoutimi, Montreal, Trois-Rivières, and Vienna (Austria), while devoting himself to literary translation (novels by such renowned Canadian authors as Michael Ondaatje, Matt Cohen, and Lawrence Hill) and film translation (more than one hundred feature films and television series).

In a parallel life, Paquin writes songs, poems, and blues, which he performs as “Dr. Bobus,” first with Michael Jerome Browne and now with Pat Loiselle on guitar. See Les Hommes ­ paroles sans musique (Montreal: JARP, 1985), and Poussières bleues (Disques JARP, 027677200106)

Since 2006, Paquin has undertaken to translate his poetry into short films which have received international recognition in film festivals across the world. Aéroport/Airport was screened in Montreal in 2008, L’Amitié/Friendship was screened in Seattle in 2008 and in Los Angeles in 2009. Les Mots fantômes/The Phantom Words was not screened at all, but Corps et âmes/Bodies and Souls was shown in Milan, Italy, in 2010; Sentinelle/Sentinel was shown in Seoul, South-Korea, in 2010; and Le Blues du chemin de fer/Railroad Blues is part of the official selection of the nineteenth edition of the Cinérail Festival in Paris in March 2011.

He may be reached at [email protected]

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