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Sait Faik Abasiyanik

Of Turkish descent, this writer of short stories and fiction was born in Adapazan. While pursuing his higher education, his desires conflicted with that of his father’s; originally enrolled in the Turcology Department of Istanbul University in 1928, he ultimately made his way to Switzerland to study Economics in 1930, under pressure from his father. After school he lived in France for three years before returning to Turkey to try his hand at teaching. After 1934, he ultimately devoted his life to writing. Abasiyanik left his mark on Turkish short-story writing with realistic portrayals of laborers, fishermen, children, the unemployed, and the poor, bringing these often-ignored characters of society into focus. One of his major themes was the sea and he spent most of his time in Burgazada (one of the Princes' Islands in the Marmara Sea). He was an honorary member of the International Mark Twain Society of St. Louis, Missouri. His novels include Bir Takım Insanlar (A Set of People,1944)and Kayip Araniyor (Wanted,1953) while his short stories began with "Semaver" (“The Tea Urn”) in 1936, and culminated with "Az Å�ekerli" (“Just a Bit of Sugar”) in 1954.

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