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Samira Negrouche

Image of Samira Negrouche

Born in Algiers and trained as a doctor, Samira Negrouche is a poet and translator with a keen focus on interdisciplinary collaborations with visual artists and musicians. She created Quai 2I1 in 2018 with the theorist Bruno Helstroffer and Bâton/Totem in 2016 with the graphic artist Ali Silem. She has also collaborated with the violinist Marianne Piketty and saxophonist Lionel Martin. Negrouche has published six poetry collections and several artist books, including A l’ombre de Grenade (2003), Le Jazz des oliviers (2010) and Six arbres de fortune autour de ma baignoire (2017), and Quai 2I1, partition à trois axes, forthcoming in 2019.

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