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Sindri Freysson

Image of Sindri Freysson

Sindri Freysson (Reykjavik, 1970) studied philosophy and comparative literature at the University of Iceland before starting a career as a journalist. He began writing at an early age and was still only a teenager when his first works were printed in literary magazines. His first book, a collection of poems, was published in 1992. His first novel, Augun í bænum (The Town has Many Eyes), received the Halldór Laxness Literature Prize in 1998, and his second book of poetry, Harði kjarninn (The Hard Core), was nominated for the Icelandic Literature Prize in 1999. He received the 2011 Reykjavík City Poetry Prize (the Tómas Gudmundsson Literature Prize) for Í klóm dalalæðunnar (Prisoner of the Ground Mist). His other books include the novels Flóttinn (The Escape, 2004) and Dóttir mæðra minna (Daughter of My Mothers, 2009) and two books of poetry, Words, Murders and Images (2006) and Ljóðveldið Ísland (2009). and will publish a new novel in 2012.  Sindri lives in Reykjavik.

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