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Susy Delgado

Susy Delgado is a bilingual writer, journalist, and cultural promotor born in San Lorenzo, Paraguay, in 1949. She has published thirty books—including poetry collections, short story collections, and children’s books—translated into English, Portuguese, German, Galician, and French. Her poetry collections in Guaraní are Tataypýpe (Junto al fuego), Ayvu membyre (Hijo de aquel verbo), Jevy ko’ë (Día del regreso), Tyre’ÿ rape (Camino del huérfano), Ogue jave takuapu (Cuando se apaga el takua), Yvytu yma, and Ka’aru purahéi. She has also edited several anthologies of Paraguayan literature. Delgado's work as a cultural journalist is extensive, and she is the founder and director of Takuapu magazine, as well as a member of the Academy of the Guaraní Language and the vice president of the Society of Writers of Paraguay. Currently, she is a language advisor to the Paraguayan Secretariat of Culture. Her honors include the 1992 Indigenous Literatures Prize of Casa de las Américas, Cuba; the 2005 Cide Hamete Benengeli prize of the University of Tolouse Le Mirail and International Radio France; the Second Municipal Literature prize in 2006 and 2016; and Paraguay's National Literature Prize in 2017.

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