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Syahmedi Dean

Syahmedi Dean, a journalist by profession, was born May 14, 1969, and graduated from the Indonesian Art Academy (Institut Seni Indonesia) with a degree in visual communications design in 1985. His first experience as a journalist came in 1995 when he began covering criminal news stories for the newspaper The Examiner in the small town of Launceston, Tasmania (Australia). Since that time, he has worked as an editor at several top Jakarta-based magazines, including Femina, Cosmopolitan Indonesia, Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia, and Dewi.

His published works include the novels L.S.D.L.F (Lontong Sayur dalam Lembaran Fashion)  [Snacks on the Fashion Pages], 2004; J.P.V.F.K (Jakarta-Paris via French Kiss)  [Jakarta to Paris via a French Kiss, 2005; P.G.D.P.C (Pengantin Gypsy dan Penipu Cinta)  [Gypsy Bride and the Love Swindler], 2006; and A.M.S.A.T (Apa Maksud Setuang Air Teh)  [What’s the Meaning of a Cup of Tea], 2009.

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