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Thomas Campbell

Image of Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell lives in St. Petersburg and South Karelia, Finland. His interests include contemporary Russian art, alternative Russian cinema, Petersburg counterculture, Russian leftist movements, and urban development in Petersburg. He has been involved, as a translator, writer, and curator, in dozens of collaborations with Petersburg artists. He has published articles on Joseph Brodsky, Alexander Herzen and Tom Stoppard, underground filmmakers Yevgeny Yufit and Yevgeny Kondratiev, neoacademism and necrorealism, Jacques Rancière, the Russian blockbuster Day Watch, the Azeri émigré artist Babi Badalov, and the catastrophes of urban redevelopment in Petersburg. He is also the co-author (with Igor Khadikov) of Kniga vecherinok (The Party Book, 1996/2007).

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