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Tristan Tzara

Image of Tristan Tzara

Born Samuel Rosenstock in 1896 in Moineşti, Romania, Tristan Tzara is mainly known as a co-founder—together with Marcel Iancu, Hugo Ball, Hans Arp and Richard Huelsenbeck—and main theoretician of Dadaism, a movement which originated in Zürich, where Tzara had moved in 1915 during World War I. Tzara wrote the first Dada text in 1916 (La Première Aventure céleste de Monsieur Antipyrine), followed by Vingt-cinq poèmes in 1918, and the programmatic Sept manisfestes Dada in 1924. In 1936 he joined the Communist Party, having stopped writing Dada poetry around 1930. He died in 1963 in Paris. He wrote in Romanian between the ages of sixteen and nineteen, switching to French after 1915.

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