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Trần Thị NgH

Image of Trần Thị NgH

Trần Thị NgH was born and grew up in the South of Vietnam. Her first collection of short stories, Những Ngày Rất Thong Thả (Wandering days), was published in 1975 by Trí Đăng press, Saigon, Vietnam but not distributed due to the fall of Saigon. Since then she has published three collections of short stories in Vietnamese outside of Vietnam that were later published in Vietnam: Nhà Có Cửa Khóa Trái (Locked in; Văn Nghệ, California, USA, 1999; Hội Nhà Văn publishing house, Vietnam, 2012); Lạc Đạn (Stray bullets; (Thời Mới, Toronto, Canada, 2000; Văn Học, Vietnam, 2012); and Nhăn Rúm (Screwedup; 2012, La Frémillerie, Paris, France; 2012, Hội Nhà Văn, Vietnam). Her debut novel Ác Tính (Malignant) is forthcoming in 2018. She lives in Saigon and Paris. 

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