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Victoria Guerrero Peirano

Image of Victoria Guerrero Peirano

Victoria Guerrero Peirano is a poet, teacher and researcher. Shee has just published her novella "Un golpe de dados (novelita sentimental pequeño burguesa)" (Cusco, 2015 and Tijuana, 2014). She recently published as a duo with the Chilean poet Raúl Zurita, Zurita + Guerrero (Guayaquil, 2014) and the poetry compilation Documentos de Barbarie (Poetry 2002-2012) (Lima, 2013), which includes her books El mar ese oscuro povernir, Ya nadie incendia el mundo, Berlin y Cuadernos de quimioterapia. Her poems have appeared in various national and international magazines and anthologies, and translated into German, English, French, Portuguese, and Finnish. She has been a guest at the World Village Festival in Helsinki, the Bogotá Book Fair, the Parnassus Festival in London, and Berlin Latinale, among other events. She holds a PhD in Literature from Boston University and a Diploma in Gender Studies. She is a professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú in Lima and looks after her cat.

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