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Wei Tsung-cheng

Wei Tsung-cheng (b. 1982) is a Taiwanese manga artist whose most recent work, Ma Huang Jiang Lin (King-Ma Has Come), epitomizes the best of kuso, a product of the Asian Internet subculture where outrageous parody in the form of text, photos, and graphics triumphs over the politically correct. First recognized in 2007 for his award-winning graphic novel Bagua Shan (Bagua Mountain), a historical depiction of Taiwan’s struggle against Japanese occupation, Wei is a prolific artist whose many creations can be found online at, a creative platform which he founded in 2000 for aspiring Chinese manga artists of all genres. Following the huge success of King-Ma, Wei’s next graphic novel, AV Duanzhi, an uncensored look at Taiwan’s porn culture—à la kuso mode—will be published by the Taiwanese publisher Future-Digi in February 2010.

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