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— 2018 Whiting Literary Magazine Prize Citation


Yekhiel Shraybman

Image of Yekhiel Shraybman

Yekhiel Shraybman (1913–2005) has been lauded as one of the late twentieth century’s most prolific and creative stylists in the Yiddish language. Infused with the kolorit, or vibrancy and exuberance, of his native Moldova, his works depict the everyday lives of Soviet and post-Soviet Jews in rich, captivating detail. He received numerous awards over the course of his life from literary institutions in Israel, Sweden, the United States, Moldova, and elsewhere. While virtually none of his work is known to English readers, Shraybman grows in modest popularity elsewhere, with posthumously released titles made available in Yiddish and several translations into Russian, Romanian, and German having been published in the last several years. 

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