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Yun Ko-eun

Yun Ko-eun was born in Seoul in 1980. In 2004, the year she graduated from university, her short story “Piercing” won the Daesan Literary Award for College Students. In 2008 she received the Hankyorek Literature Award for her novel The Zero G Syndrome. In 2010 she published a collection of short stories entitled Table For One, and in 2011 her short story “The Sea Horse Flies” won the Yi Hyo-seok Literary Award. Her daily routine involves exercise in the morning followed by writing for a few hours at a nearby café, and she likes taking walks and traveling, leading to a fascination with maps. In fact, she got the idea for “The Chef's Nail” while looking at a map of the Seoul subway. Her next novel is scheduled to be published in the spring of 2013.

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