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From the Translator

Essays from WWB translator on the art of translation

Poetry Thieves: Translating Hanna Krall and Ewa Lipska
Ela Bittencourt
From the Translator: On Giuseppe Berto’s “The Betrayal”
Gregory Conti
From the Translator: On Petre Dimovski’s “The Bird on the Balcony”
Will Firth
Translating by Ear: Creating Voice & Language in Boris Sandler’s “Nomansland, AZ”
Sebastian Schulman
Eva Taylor’s “Tattoos”—The Atlas of the “I”
Olivia E. Sears
Translating Tahar Lamri’s “Cous Cous Klan”
Robert Elliot
Repetition & Difference: Translating Gabriella Kuruvilla’s “Barbie”
Jamie Richards
Eternal Returns & Departures: Translating Gëzim Hajdari
Patrick Barron
Holy Tongue: On Translating Yenta Mash
Ellen Cassedy
The Many Voices of Lina Prosa’s “Lampedusa Snow”
Allison Grimaldi-Donahue
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