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Reading Lists

Best of the B-Sides: Destiny’s Child
Lori Feathers
11 International Queer Pieces to Read Right Now
Susan Harris
Every Month Is Poetry Month
Susan Harris
Against Valentine’s Day: 7 International Love Stories for the Antiromantic in You
Susan Harris
The Translator’s Bookshelf
Elisa Wouk Almino
Best of the B-Sides: Death by Fixation
Lori Feathers
2018 at WWB: 11 Groundbreaking Works
Susan Harris
Our Favorite International Reads from 2018 (and What We’ll Be Reading in 2019)
Words Without Borders
A Holiday Gift Guide for Children’s Literature in Translation
Rivka Galchen
Best of the B-Sides: The Legacy of a Secret
Lori Feathers
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