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Behind the Film: “More Than Sbarchi—The African Diaspora in Italy”
Iman Childs
A Conversation with Alex Epstein, author of “Blue has no South”
Bud Parr
Why Words without Borders?
Joshua Mandelbaum
$9.99, A Film Based on the Short Stories of Etgar Keret
Bud Parr
Every Unhappy Family Is Funny in Its Own Way
Susan Harris
Binhad Nurrohmat at Manggarai
Andy Fuller
Words Without Borders Video: Miriam Schlesinger and Philip Lopate discuss Etgar Keret
Bud Parr
Words Without Borders Video: Edith Grossman on Don Quixote as Tragedy and Comedy
Bud Parr
Yoko Ogawa Discussion on Video
Bud Parr
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