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WWB Daily: Past Posts

Jan, 2011

A Rumbling Octopus: Egyptians Take to the Streets in Protest
Chip Rossetti
From Angoulême: European Comics in Anglophone Markets
Edward Gauvin
Angoulême Bubbles Over
Edward Gauvin
Debeurme, Berberian, and Denis, Signing in Brussels
Edward Gauvin
Book Reviews: Who Should Write about Literature in Translation?
David Varno
The City and the Writer: In Damascus with Abed Ismael
Nathalie Handal
In Memoriam: Abdellatif el Jaziri, 1969–2010
Suzanne Ruta
La Grève, C’est Grave (Striking is a Serious Business)
Edward Gauvin
Humphrey Davies Wins 2010 Saif Ghobash-Banipal Prize
Susan Harris
A Training Manual for Murder
Susan Harris
From the Translator: Jethro Soutar on Translating José Pérez Reyes’s “In Hock”
Jethro Soutar
A Confucian Celerity: On “Angina Day: Selected Poems” by Günter Eich

From the Translator: Andrea Labinger on Angela Pradelli’s “The Bather”
Andrea G. Labinger
From the Translator: David Ball and Nicole Ball on Abdourahman A. Waberi’s “Passage of Tears”
David and Nicole Ball
The Worst Editing Job in the World
Susan Harris
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