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WWB Daily: Past Posts

Feb, 2011

From the Translator: Agnes Scott Langeland on Kjell Askildsen’s “Dogs of Thessaloniki”
Agnes Scott Langeland
The City and the Writer Introduces Specials
Nathalie Handal
The City and the Writer: In the Bronx with Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa
Nathalie Handal
Questions for Peter Bush and Teresa Solana
Susan Harris
A Interview with Kim Thompson of Fantagraphics Books
Dot Lin
Chihoi in Action
Edward Gauvin
Meeting of the Pharaohs by the Red Sea
Kamel Daoud
Borges: Faith to See in the Dark
David Varno
Africans in Paris: On “Malamine”
Edward Gauvin
A Congolese creation myth
Geoff Wisner
Censorship in Egypt: An Interview with Magdy El Shafee
Susan Harris
Imagining more Autumns for North Africa’s Patriarchs: The Dictator Novel in Egypt
Hosam Aboul-Ela
Artists Talk: Israel/Palestine. An Interview with Almog Behar
Chana Morgenstern
Artists Talk: Israel/Palestine. “Sheikh Jarrah, 2010.” A Poem by Almog Behar
Almog Behar
From the Translator: Andrea G. Labinger on Guillermo Martínez’s “Dance at the Marcone”
Andrea G. Labinger
An Algerian Lexicon
Suzanne Ruta
Voices, Voices Everywhere: Democracy in Tunisia
Cécile Oumhani
The City and the Writer: In Washington, D.C. with E. Ethelbert Miller
Nathalie Handal
From the Translator: Jonathan Blitzer on “Ride of the Valkyries”
Jonathan Blitzer
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