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WWB Daily: Past Posts

Jun, 2008

Walser and the Visual Arts
The Editors
Muhammad al Sharafi, “Changing Veils”, “Literacy Through Poetry”
Sophie Powell
The Future of Literature
Arnon Grunberg
Roti Prata
Aun Koh
Cambodia Wants to Eat
Karen Coates
The Translators’ Roundtable Forum
The Editors
A Culinary Trip Into the Past
Carolyn Jung
The Changing Times of the Egyptian Novel
Hosam Aboul-Ela
Dinner’s at Midnight in Buenos Aires
Caroline Shin
A Dangerous Occupation
The Editors
Culinary Wonders of Istanbul
Cenk Sonmezsoy
“The Assistant” Book Club
The Editors
The Background Noise in Iraq
Arnon Grunberg

May, 2008

“The Assistant” Book Club Discussion
The Editors
Global Gourmet Blogs!
The Editors
Waiting it Out in Kuala Lumpur
Robyn Eckhardt
Dutch Translation Workshops in Italy
Arnon Grunberg
Hosam Aboul-Ela
Pen World Voices 2008: Writing Sexuality
Sophie Powell
The A to Z of Literary Translation: W, X, Y & Z
Georgia de Chamberet

Apr, 2008

Pints with Roddy Doyle
Arnon Grunberg
London Calling
Georgia de Chamberet
The A to Z of Literary Translation: S to V
Georgia de Chamberet
Graphic Censorship
Susan Harris
Hosam Aboul-Ela
Translation and Censorship
Fayre Makeig
The A to Z of Literary Translation: P to R
Georgia de Chamberet
Translation and Publishing Roundtable: Translated Literature, a Cottage Industry?
Anne Ishii
Bolaño and the Infrarealists
Vince Francone
Preparations for a Close Escape
Arnon Grunberg
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