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WWB Daily: Past Posts

Oct, 2018

The City and the Writer: In Melbourne with Susan Bradley Smith
Nathalie Handal
Best of the B-Sides: The Legacy of a Secret
Lori Feathers
Behind the Art: “Women and Bicycles”
wild fucking ride: the thin fire. of sappho. in me.
Ana Kiffer
Every Day Is International Translation Day—The 2018 ITD Celebration in London
Marta Dziurosz
The Watchlist: October 2018
Tobias Carroll
The Ubud Writers & Readers Festival: An Interview with Janet DeNeefe
Jessie Chaffee
First Read—From “Anniversaries: From a Year in the Life of Gesine Cresspahl”
Uwe Johnson
The Person Who Bears My Name—A Multilingual Most Exquisite Corpse Story
Glaydah Namukasa, Ibtisam Azem, Amir Ahmadi Arian, and Silvana Paternostro
From Language Extinction to Pearls Crushed in Wine: JLF at New York
Noor Naga
Flight: An International Exquisite Corpse
Pema Bhum, Claudia Salazar Jiménez, Krys Lee, and Kanako Nishi
The City and the Writer: In Beirut with Jehan Bseiso
Nathalie Handal

Sep, 2018

For International Translation Day: 15 Ways of Looking at Translation
Susan Harris
The Translator Relay
Words Without Borders
First Read—From “What We Owe”
Golnaz Hashemzadeh Bonde
The Longlist for the National Book Award for Translated Literature
M.A. Orthofer
The Translator Relay: Laura Esther Wolfson
Jessie Chaffee
The City and the Writer: In Split with Damir Šodan
Nathalie Handal
The Watchlist: September 2018
Tobias Carroll
JLF at New York: An Interview with Sanjoy K. Roy
Jessie Chaffee
WWB Partners with to Bring International Poetry to More Readers
Words Without Borders
First Read—From “Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead”
Olga Tokarczuk
The Enduring Relevance of Poetry: An Interview with Ajmer Rode
Sonnet Mondal
Look Who’s Coming to the WWB Gala on October 30!
Words Without Borders
Our Guide to the 2018 Brooklyn Book Festival & Bookend Events
Words Without Borders
The City and the Writer: In Zagreb with Tomica Bajsić
Nathalie Handal
Chad W. Post to Receive WWB Ottaway Award
Words Without Borders

Aug, 2018

Best of the B-Sides: Finding the Essence
Lori Feathers
Borders: An International Exquisite Corpse
Basma Abdel Aziz, Fouad Laroui, Karolina Ramqvist, and Maria Cabrera
Ana Martins Marques
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