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Check out our February feature of folktales from the Qatari oral tradition.

WWB Daily: Past Posts

Feb, 2020

Literary Pseudoscience and a New Generation of Argentine Writers: An Interview with Roque Larraquy
Susannah Greenblatt
7 Stories of Love’s Labors and Loss to Read This Valentine’s Day
Alexandra Vail
First Read—From “Second Sister”
Chan Ho-Kei
The City and the Writer: In Rome with Peter Covino
Nathalie Handal
For Oscars Season, 5 Stories of Cinema from around the World
Alexandra Vail
From Five Continents to Five Boroughs: A Language Map for New York City
Ross Perlin

Jan, 2020

The Watchlist: January 2020
Tobias Carroll
The City and the Writer: In Auckland, New Zealand with Chloe Honum
Nathalie Handal
Sexto Piso’s Diego Rabasa on Existential Selfies and Publishing the Books He Loves to Read
Victor Meadowcroft
María Fernanda Ampuero on “Cockfight,” Visceral Writing, and the Cruelty of Family Life
Victor Meadowcroft
Dispatches from the 2019 FIL in Guadalajara, Mexico
Victor Meadowcroft
Looking Outside the Mainstream: Charco Press’s Carolina Orloff on Publishing Fiction in Translation
Victor Meadowcroft
Language as a Virus: Ariana Harwicz on Writing Bilingually
Victor Meadowcroft
Words Without Borders Receives 2020 National Endowment for the Arts Grant
Words Without Borders
First Read—From “The Sweet Indifference of the World”
Peter Stamm
The City and the Writer: In Toledo, Ohio with Charles Kell
Nathalie Handal

Dec, 2019

The Watchlist: December 2019
Tobias Carroll
Our Favorite International Reads from 2019 (and What We’ll Be Reading in 2020)
Words Without Borders
The Best Translated Books You Missed in 2019
Words Without Borders
Translating the Real J. P. Cuenca: An Essay and Interview
Elizabeth Lowe
First Read—From “Come to Me”
Bogdan Rusev
Your Holiday Gift Guide to Reading in Translation
Words Without Borders

Nov, 2019

Exploring Italian Language, Rap, and Migration through Translation
Donatella Melucci
The City and the Writer: In Vicenza with Carlo Pizzati
Nathalie Handal
The Watchlist: November 2019
Tobias Carroll
One Day in August a Man Disappeared—A Multilingual Most Exquisite Corpse Story
Andrés Barba, Kirmen Uribe, Jeremy Tiang, and Kira Josefsson
The City and the Writer: In Amman with Lena Khalaf Tuffaha
Nathalie Handal
Telling Truths with New Words: Jeffrey Zuckerman on Translating Mauritian Literature
Ariel Saramandi
First Read—From “Return to the Enchanted Island”
Johary Ravaloson

Oct, 2019

For Halloween, Thirteen Eerie Stories from around the World
Susan Harris
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