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Best of the B-Sides

By Lori Feathers

In this bimonthly series, critic and bookseller Lori Feathers recommends a new work in translation along with a number of backlist (“B-Side”) titles that you might have missed. The books selected might explore a similar theme, or include various titles from an author’s body of work. With this series we hope to draw readers to timeless works in translation.


Best of the B-Sides: The Legacy of a Secret (October 2018)

Side AIn Your Hands by Inês Pedrosa, tr. Andrea Rosenberg (AmazonCrossing, 2018)

Side BA Heart So White by Javier Marías, tr. Margaret Jull Costa (New Directions, 2002); Troubling Love by Elena Ferrante, tr. Ann Goldstein (Europa Editions, 2006); Ladivine by Marie NDiaye, tr. Jordan Stump (Knopf, 2016)


Best of the B-Sides: Finding the Essence (August 2018)

Side AThe Impostor: A True Story by Javier Cercas, tr. Frank Wynne (Knopf, 2018)

Side BFive Photos of My Wife by Agnès Desarthe, tr. Adriana Hunter (Flamingo/HarperCollins, 2001); A Woman Loved by Andreï Makine, tr. Geoffrey Strachan (Graywolf Press, 2015); War & Turpentine by Stefan Hertmans, tr. David McKay (Pantheon, 2016)


Best of the B-Sides: Keeping House (June 2018)

Side A: All for Nothing by Walter Kempowski, tr. Anthea Bell (NYRB Classics, 2018)

Side B: The Maias by Eҫa de Queirós, tr. Margaret Jull Costa (New Directions, 2007); Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann, tr. John E. Woods (Vintage, 1994); Chronicle of the Murdered House, tr. Margaret Jull Costa & Robin Patterson (Open Letter, 2016) 


Best of the B-Sides: Identity in Translation (April 2018)

Side A: Woman of the Ashes by Mia Couto, tr. David Brookshaw (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2018)

Side B: Shyness and Dignity by Dag Solstad, tr. Sverre Lyngstad (Harvill Secker, 2006); The Sleep of the Righteous by Wolfgang Hilbig, tr. Isabel Fargo Cole (Two Lines Press, 2015); My Marriage by Jakob Wasserman, tr. Michael Hofmann (New York Review Books, 2016); Silence by Shūsaku Endō, tr. William Johnston (Picador Classics, 2016)

Published Apr 11, 2018   Copyright 2018 Lori Feathers

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