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Dispatches from the Urals

By Rohan Kamicheril

Chad Post comments on the variety and freshness that Russian authors from the Urals bring to the literary scene, over at Three Percent:

The distancing of the Russian provinces from Moscow has thus far brought little change to the intellectual provincialism of the regions. Only the rocky Urals have turned out to provide fertile soil for a cultural blossoming. There are in particular three literary figures from the Urals who need fear no comparison with modern writers from other areas: Alexei Ivanov, 38, from Perm; Igor Sakhnovsky, 50, from Yekaterinburg, and Olga Slavnikova.

The article at Sign and Sight has great write-ups on the authors and their latest works. For a sample of WWB-author Slavnikova's work, wander over to our archives and take a look at The Man Who Couldn't Die.

Published Dec 10, 2007   Copyright 2007 Rohan Kamicheril

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