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Fanfare for Farm 54

By Susan Harris

A number of books have been bought for English-language publication as a result of extracts we've published, and we've just learned of another. We're delighted to report that English-language rights for Galit Seliktar and Gilad Seliktar's Farm 54, part of which ran in our February 2010 graphic novel issue, have been sold to Fanfare/Ponent Mon. The publishers are a leading source for the "nouvelle manga," a mashup of the bande dessinée and the Japanese slice-of-life, and the Seliktars will be in the company of such notables as Frederic Boilet, Jiro Taniguchi, and  Yoshihiro Tatsumi. Congratulations to all.

Published Apr 7, 2010   Copyright 2010 Susan Harris

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