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Fight For Your Independents: Archipelago Books

By Bud Parr

Archipelago books is a non-profit publisher that has brought into English 50 books so far from 21 languages. I think Jill Schoolman, Archipelago's founder, puts it best when she describes their mission: "We are striving to locate, support, and preserve literary talent worldwide and allow it to enter the American bloodstream." This simply wouldn't happen if it weren't for the support of foundations and individuals who care about keeping our minds open to great literature from around the world, including fiction and poetry written in Basque, Dutch, Arabic, French, German, Hungarian, Croatian, Chinese, and Iclandic.

Under the best of conditions independent publishers face an uphill battle to do what they do, but when the economic environment becomes difficult, indies like Archipelago have to fight to stay afloat. Archipelago has issued an appeal to the community for support. The economic environment has forced them to reduce staff and is even affecting the publication of some of their titles.

The great books they publish, any one of which is poised to change our lives forever, can't be taken for granted. The Cortazar novel I hold in my hands, the Gombrowicz I so often return to, wouldn't exist if weren't for the support of donations from readers like you and me.

Now is the time to make a donation: Click here to do so.

You may also want to check out Archipelago's fantastic subscription options.

Here are some covers of forthcoming Archipelago titles:

Published Jul 15, 2009   Copyright 2009 Bud Parr

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