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Found in Translation (Now With Cash Prize)

By Rohan Kamicheril

Happily on theme for this month's focus on Polish literature, the Polish Book Institute, Polish Cultural Institute in London, Polish Cultural Institute in New York and W.A.B. Publishing House in Warsaw have announced the FOUND IN TRANSLATION Award. The award is given annually to a translator (or translators) of a work of Polish literature published as a book in the preceding calendar year. The distinction of being chosen for the Found in Translation prize comes with a three-month residency in Krakow, with lodging and a stipend, airfare to and from the city, and a financial award of 10,000 PLN.

Nominations are due in January 31st. You can find more information at the Institut Książki website.

Published Jan 15, 2008   Copyright 2008 Rohan Kamicheril

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