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From WWB to Book: Success Stories, II

By Susan Harris

Continuing our series on WWB authors who've sold English-language rights to their work as a result of appearing in WWB, we're delighted to announce the publication of the graphic novel Farm 54, written by Galit Seliktar and illustrated by Gilad Seliktar, now available from Fanfare/Ponent Mon. The novel weaves together three semi-autobiographical stories from the childhood and puberty, as well as early adulthood and military service years, of Noga, its protagonist, growing up in Israel's rural periphery in the 1970s and 1980s. The original Hebrew edition was nominated for the 2009 Angoulême book award, and the English translation, by Ronen Altman Kaydar, has arrived with no less, well, fanfare, praised as "a standout for everyone" at the BEA panel “Hot Fall Graphic Novels for Libraries" and included in the Graphic Novel Reporter's roundup of hottest graphic novels for the summer. It's a gratifying extension of WWB's mission to introduce international writers to the English-language audience.

Published Jun 30, 2011   Copyright 2011 Susan Harris

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