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Jack Kerouac Sur la Route

By Rohan Kamicheril

It seems like everyone is celebrating the 50th anniversary of On the Road by recreating Jack Kerouac's trip across America, but Pierre-Olivier Labbe's blog at Le Monde Online is a wonderful reminder of the original spirit of Kerouac's journey. As Labbe describes it,

Ce reportage photographique propose d'emprunter le m'me chemin, 50 ans après Kerouac, et de partir à la rencontre de cet immense pays, pour en tirer une mosaïque de portraits et de paysages témoignant de ce qu'est l'Amérique d'aujourd'hui.

The blog provides some lovely views into life in America as seen by a traveller. Although now well on its way to its logical geographical conclusion, the blog's archives preserve Labbe's entertaining and thoughtful posts on sights seen along the way.

Published Aug 4, 2007   Copyright 2007 Rohan Kamicheril

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