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Ka-pow! It’s Literature!

By Rohan Kamicheril

Love classic literature but wish it had a little more visual flair? Big fan of nuanced story-telling and solid dialogue, but wish more of it came in speech balloons? Well, then head on over to Again with the Comics, where they bring Crime and Punishment back to life (in all its camp glory), re-imagined as a gripping story of soul searching, the place of god in modern life, and the caped crusader. Batman is Raskol, the frustrated young man with a plot for revenge on his hands, Sonny is the prostitute with the heart of gold. In a truly superhuman feat, the authors of the comic whittle Dostoevsky's mammoth tome down to a manageable 10 pages. So suspend your disbelief, grab your bat-belts, and prepare for a rollercoaster introduction to the world of such masterpieces of comic genius as Kafka's Good Ol' Gregor Brown and Voltaire's Candiggy.

Published Nov 20, 2007   Copyright 2007 Rohan Kamicheril

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