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Resources for Further Reading (and viewing) on Etgar Keret

By The Editors

As a last post in this month's Etgar Keret discussion, we've included some links below for more information on Etgar Keret, his other projects, and also upcoming events (New Yorkers, check out the Walter Reade Theater and the MoMA this week). As always, you can find a complete list of the posts in this series at the bottom of this page.

Link to "Pizzeria Kamikaze" a graphic version of Keret's work by Asaf Hanuka

Asaf and Tomer Hanuka's website:

Descriptions and sample pages from the Hanuka brothers' work:

Link to official film site of Wristcutters based on Keret story ("Kneller's Happy Campers"):

Link to article on the film (Jellyfish) Keret made with his wife, Shira Geffen:

The Film Society of Lincoln Center presents $9.99, based on the short stories of Etgar Keret and adapted for the screen by Etgar Keret and Director Tatia Rosenthal:

The children's book, illustrated by Rutu Modan ("Exit Wounds"), the Israeli comic artist:

Link to the publisher page on Keret's collaboration with Samir El-Yousseff mentioned in Adam Rovner's interview with Etgar Keret:

And you can always find more details on the author on his Web site, at

Finally, our deepest thanks to Adams Rovner for his tireless and excellent work moderating an illuminating discussion of Keret's Girl on the Fridge. The posts in this series will be stored in our archives and are freely accessible for your reading pleasure, edification, or further discussion. We hope you enjoyed our conversation and thank you for joining us.


Links to other essays, interviews and features in this series:

Adam Rovner puts Etgar Keret in context.


Miriam Shlesinger talks about translating Keret.

Phillip Lopate discusses the roots of Keret's work.


Adam Rovner on Reading Keret: Front Line of the Hyperreal.

Nicolle Elizabeth reports on our Keret event at the Idlewild bookstore.

Photos from the event.


Adam Rovner interviews Etgar Keret

The video from the Idlewild Event

Adam Rovner talks about "An Exclusive"

The Art of Big Things: Todd Hasak-Lowy on Reading Keret


My Favorite Keret Story, from Bud Parr


Translating the Funhouse: Adam Rovner on Reading Keret


Moshe Ron and Hannan Hever discuss finding Etgar Keret.

Published Apr 1, 2009   Copyright 2009 The Editors

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