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Sandy Taylor (1931-2007)

By The Editors

Alexander (Sandy) Taylor was a brilliant publisher of literature in translation whose Curbstone Press, co-founded with his wife, Judith Doyle, is an inspiration to us all. For those who didn't know him, this interview on his life and work published last summer in New Pages, offers a glimpse of his creativity, his generosity and his unbridled passion for his work.

From David Unger, who notified us of the sad news:

To have known Sandy was a gift: he had a huge appetite and a pleasure for life and felt that these joys should be extended to all human beings. He had an equal commitment to art and to justice. We should mourn his passing, but not too much: one of his recent poems, to Grace Paley and her husband Robert, says it best.

Is Something Missing?

for Grace and Robert

I must have lived my life all wrong,

never having had any grief counselors

or psychologists to comfort me on every move--

Imagine! - I endured the death of my friend

all by myself and for me every new town

was a great adventure. Maybe that's why

I seldom cry at movies and am always ready

to kiss death on the mouth...

Sandy Taylor

Published Dec 22, 2007   Copyright 2007 The Editors

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