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Words Without Borders "stands as a monument to international collaboration and a shared belief in artistic possibility." — 2018 Whiting Literary Magazine Prize Citation

The Translator Relay

By Words Without Borders

WWB’s Translator Relay features an interview with a different translator each month. The current month’s translator chooses the next interviewee, adding a different, sixth question.

Featured Translators

Helen Mintz

Ellen Cassedy

Laura Esther Wolfson

Chet Wiener

Samuel Rochery

Simon Brown

Steve Savage

Daniel Canty

Oana Avasilichioaei

Erín Moure

Katrina Dodson

Kira Josefsson

María José Giménez

Corine Tachtiris

Jennifer Croft

Emma Ramadan

Robyn Creswell

Peter Cole

Vivek Narayanan

Jeffrey Yang

Kareem James Abu-Zeid

Ming Di

Mihaela Moscaliuc

Sholeh Wolpé

Amaia Gabantxo

Jason Grunebaum

Alta Price

Allison Markin Powell

Tess Lewis

Donald Nicholson-Smith

Alyson Waters

Michael Emmerich

Karen Emmerich

Bill Johnston

Esther Allen

Sean Cotter

Ellen Elias-Bursac

Danuta Borchardt

Andrea G. Labinger

Aron Aji

Breon Mitchell

Carol Maier

Ronald Christ

Alfred Birnbaum

Stephen Snyder

John Balcom

Shelley Frisch

Ross Benjamin

Peter Constantine

Katherine Silver

Russell Valentino

Erica Mena

Published Sep 28, 2018   Copyright 2018 Words Without Borders

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