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Translation Roundup

By Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren


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Writer and WWB contributor Elias Khoury's latest novel, As Though She Were Sleeping, explores the porous boundary between dreams and waking life, set against the backdrop of 1946 Beirut. It was recently reviewed by Three Percent.

Growing up in Albania during Enver Hoxha's reign, writer and WWB contributor Gazmend Kapplani's parents kept one "window-library" full of books by prominent Marxist-Leninist leaders, and another library hidden away in their bedroom. On the PEN Atlas blog, Kapplani writes "there are moments when I feel nostalgic about that terrible period, when reading of the 'damned books' was akin to a ritual and my relationship with books was similar to the forbidden love..."

"I go along with the tight-rope walker metaphor myself...that long pole that tightrope walkers hold is your knowledge of your own language, and the safety-net is your knowledge of the other. Or perhaps it’s the other way around," writes Judith Landry on PEN Atlas, about the process of translating Diego Marani's New Finnish Grammar.

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PEN Emerging Voices Fellowships (8/15)

what: $1,000 and an eight-month mentorship will be awarded to emerging poets, writers, and creative nonfiction writers from underrepresented communities, who lack access to financial and creative support. During the fellowship year, fellows will each be paired with a professional writer, and will give two public readings.
when: 2013
where: Los Angeles
application deadline: August 15

Published Aug 9, 2012   Copyright 2012 Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren

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