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Wolff Prize to Ross Benjamin

By Susan Harris

We're delighted to report that Ross Benjamin has been awarded the Helen and Kurt Wolff Translation Prize for his translation of Michael Maar’s Speak, Nabokov, published by Verso. From the announcement: "The jury finds that this remarkably musical translation reads beautifully, and brings to English-speaking readers an important study of a writer of world stature whose works cry out for skilled exegesis. Benjamin’s translation is elegant, witty, even playful, doing justice to both the German original and the book’s subject. The translator reveals a sophisticated understanding of literary criticism and his own sure sense of literary style."  You can see Ross's sure sense of literary style in his translations for WWB: Siegfried Kracauer's "Memory of a Paris Street", Thomas Pletzinger's "Capoeira with Heckler and Koch", Robert Menasse's "Eternal Youth", and Gunter Geltinger's "Man Angel".

Published Apr 26, 2010   Copyright 2010 Susan Harris

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