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WWB Weekend: Our Germans of the Year(s)

By Susan Harris

Time’s anointing of German chancellor Angela Merkel as Person of the Year has sparked the predictable debate, but there’s no arguing the quality of the many German pieces we’ve published during (and before) her term. Most recently, Ulrike Ulrich was on board for our special section about that most European of activities, train travel. In July guest editor Katy Derbyshire delivered a gruppe of new and emerging German writers on topics ranging from the fallout of drag racing to the delights of rickshaw driving. And in 2009 we marked the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with an issue exploring Germany before and after that historic event. These pieces are only some of the tastes of Germany you'll find in our pages. Do dip in. And regardless of your opinion of Merkel, we trust you’ll join us in voting for authors and translators from all countries for Persons of This and Every Year.

Chancellor Merkel displays her trademark “Merkel-Raute” (“Triangle of Power”) hand gesture. Photo by Armin Linnartz.

Published Dec 11, 2015   Copyright 2015 Susan Harris

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