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Zêdan Xelef

Zêdan Xelef was born on Shingal Mountain in northern Iraq in 1995. Displaced from his home by the Islamic State’s attempt to exterminate the Êzîdî, he arrived...

Alice Xin Liu

Alice Xin Liu was born in Beijing but left for London at the age of seven, returning when she was twenty-one. She is a graduate in English literature, Durham University, but her Chinese cadre...

Hong Xinyi

Hong Xinyi is a Singapore-based freelance journalist whose areas of interest include urban development and design, built and intangible heritage, and emerging trends in arts and culture. She has...

Xin Xu

Xin Xu is a PhD candidate in the Department of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages at the University of Connecticut. Her main research interest is modernist poetics, with a focus on Chinese and...
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