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Viet Nam

Nhã Thuyên

Nhã Thuyên has authored several books of poetry, short fiction, and some tiny books for children. Translations of their poetry and writing appear in Poems of Lưu Diệu...

Đỗ Bích Thúy

Đỗ Bích Thúy was born in 1974 in Ha Giang, Viet Nam.  After graduating from the Academy of Journalism and Communication in 1997, she wrote for the Army Literature and...

Nguyen Hung

Nguyen Hung was born and raised in Hanoi. He received his MA in International Studies at the University of Oregon, and a PhD in Bioengineering from the University of Osaka in Japan.

Nguyen Phan Que Mai

Nguyen Phan Que Mai was born in 1973 in a small village in northern Vietnam, and grew up in the Mekong Delta, in southern Vietnam. She studied in Australia under a development scholarship from...

Ngo Tu Lap

Ngo Tu Lap is the winner of seven literary prizes in Vietnam, where he has published four books of fiction, two books of poetry, three books of essays, and many translations. He returned to...

Marie Etienne

Marie Etienne is the author of eight collections of poems, five novels, and two books on the theater. She spent her childhood in Indochina, in what is now Viet Nam, during the Second World War...
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