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Graphic Lit

from A Short Guide to Being the Perfect Political Refugee

by Mana Neyestani
Translated by Ghazal Mosadeq

This number is your identity.

The Fall

by Galit Seliktar and by Gilad Seliktar
Translated by On Barak

It parachuted down.

from Le Piano Oriental

by Zeina Abirached
Translated by Edward Gauvin

Fifteen years later, I was the one who left.

Flapflap Blues

by Mazen Kerbaj
Translated by Mercedes Claire Gilliom

In the sky, never much. In the streets, always too much.

Noodling in New York

by Akino Kondoh
Translated by Jocelyne Allen

No Japanese person would call a cat Thomas Jefferson.

The Sea Girl & the Prince

by Chae Kyeong-weon and by Bae In-yeong
Translated by Bella Dalton-Fenkl

What! Who could this strange man be?

The Dump

by Chakib Daoud
Translated by Elisabeth Jaquette and Nariman Youssef

"Did you remember what I asked for?"

Black Spring

by Maxence Emery and by Thomas Humeau
Translated by Edward Gauvin

After Batista’s dictatorship, Castro had the support of an entire people.

A Whim of the Gods

by Hippolyte and by Patrick de Saint-Exupéry
Translated by Edward Gauvin

Dump trucks from the Department of Public Works came for the bodies.


by Paolo Bacilieri
Translated by Jamie Richards

In hindsight, it couldn't have happened anywhere but here.


by Maximilien Le Roy and by Soulman
Translated by Mercedes Claire Gilliom

"You let Jews into your home? The people who killed your brother!"

Tell Me Where to Go

by Kim Han-min
Translated by Jamie Chang and Sora Kim-Russell

Why hasn't anyone invented a country for those who don't belong anywhere?

A Human Act

by Manfredi Giffone and by Fabrizio Longo and by Alessandro Parodi
Translated by Adrian Nathan West

For very important murders, the consent of the commission is required.

Gabo: A Magical Life

by Oscar Pantoja and by Tatiana Córdoba and by Felipe Camargo
Translated by Lawrence Schimel

Gabo saw a shattered landscape, aged, forgotten by its people.

The Art of Falling

by Inga Sætre
Translated by Rosie Louise Hedger

How can anyone predict the future if it's not already mapped out?

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