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Graphic Lit

Gabo: A Magical Life

by Oscar Pantoja and by Tatiana Córdoba and by Felipe Camargo
Translated by Lawrence Schimel

Gabo saw a shattered landscape, aged, forgotten by its people.

The Art of Falling

by Inga Sætre
Translated by Rosie Louise Hedger

How can anyone predict the future if it's not already mapped out?

Full Body Scan

by Miki Golod
Translated by Miki Golod

"Do you know anyone who died in the army?"

from “Obi’s Nightmare”

by Jamón y Queso
Translated by David Shook

All right! I love this movie!

The “Girls” of Nizhny Novgorod

by Victoria Lomasko
Translated by Thomas Campbell

"It's the cops who make legalization necessary."

The Sugar Expert

by Hadar Reuven
Translated by Hadar Reuven and Shachar Galek

They reached the streetlight every time, except once.

The Apartment in Bab el-Louk

by Donia Maher and by Ganzeer
Translated by Elisabeth Jaquette

Outside your window, Cairo’s nooks and crannies are lonely and forsaken, like a deserted crime scene.

I Am a Communist

by Kun-woong Park
Translated by Sora Kim-Russell and Jamie Chang

In February of 1949, police officers stormed in without warning

Weapons of Mass Diplomacy

by Abel Lanzac and by Christophe Blain
Translated by Edward Gauvin

Look, seriously, he's gonna make you rewrite it ten times.

Modotti: A Woman of the Twentieth Century

by Ángel De la Calle
Translated by Matt Madden

The epitaph on her tombstone was written by Pablo Neruda.

Hysteric Behavior #3

by Dan Allon
Translated by G. H. Freedman

It's actually nice to talk to strangers.

The General

by Nicolas Wild
Translated by Edward Gauvin

It’s the good stuff. Afghani.


by Matthias Picard
Translated by Edward Gauvin

That night, it was a Ford that stopped.

My Cloud

by Mazen Kerbaj
Translated by Mazen Kerbaj

With practice I managed to fix stars.


by Li-Chin Lin
Translated by Edward Gauvin

I felt like I had a Taiwanese body with the mask of a Chinese person.

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