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Graphic Lit

The Story of Serafima Andreyevna

by Igort
Translated by Jamie Richards

Cannibalism became commonplace.

from “Malamine”

by Christophe Ngalle Edimo and by Simon-Pierre Mbumbo
Translated by Edward Gauvin

You'll have to pay an air tax. On the air you're breathing, idiot!

from “A Taste of Paradise”

by Nine Antico
Translated by Anjali Singh

Be at the basketball courts at six. We'll kill you.

The Cat’s Coming (in a Left-Handed Version)

by Chihoi
Translated by Steve Bradbury

Knock-out drugs! Rape! Murder! Dismemberment!

from “Rébétiko (la mauvaise herbe)”

by David Prudhomme
Translated by Edward Gauvin

Today at noon among the vines / I kissed somebody else's wife

The Secret of Frequency A: An Incredible Disaster

by Eom Jeong-Hui and by Ko Im-Hong
Translated by Heinz Insu Fenkl and Jungbin Yoon

I suspect that there is a sinister conspiracy secretly at work here in the proximity of the nature preserve.


by Lewis Trondheim and by Dominique Hérody
Translated by Edward Gauvin

"If I died, would you find another woman to marry?" "Do you want the truth, or do you want me to tell you what you want to hear?"

from “Diary”

by Fabrice Neaud
Translated by Edward Gauvin

from “Proud Beggars”

by Albert Cossery and by Golo
Translated by Lulu Norman

Albert Cossery and Golo slouch through a seedy Cairo

from “King-Ma Has Come”

by Wei Tsung-cheng
Translated by Nancy Tsai

Wei Tsung-Cheng produces a mock-heroic Chinese political history

from “That Was Happiness”

by Blutch
Translated by Edward Gauvin

Blutch charts the end of a marriage

from “Farm 54”

by Galit Seliktar and by Gilad Seliktar
Translated by Ronen Altman Kaydar

Galit Seliktar and Gilad Seliktar map a soldier's first evacuation

from “Waiting for an Island”

by Marc Legendre
Translated by David Colmer

Marc Legendre's daydreamer waits for his past

from “A Game for Swallows”

by Zeina Abirached
Translated by Edward Gauvin

Zeina Abirached dodges bullets in the Beirut of her childhood

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