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Graphic Lit

from the February 2017 issue

An Endless Green Line

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© Gianluca Costantini and Elettra Stamboulis. By arrangement with the authors. Translation © 2017 by Jamie Richards. All rights reserved.


Gianluca Costantini

Gianluca Costantini (Ravenna, 1971) has exhibited in a number of museums and galleries abroad: the Lazarides Gallery, London; the Salon du dessin contemporain, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris; the Dox Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague; and the Museum of Graphic Humor Diogenes Taborda, Buenos Aires. In Italy, his drawings were exhibited alongside Alighiero Boetti's works at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lissone, and made up large installations and themed projects, such as the D406 gallery in Modena and the Centro Arti Opificio Siri in Terni. As a graphic journalist, he lectured at the Ars Electronic Center in Linz and took part in the Festival of  Human Rights in Lugano. For him, drawing can become a performative act in a magical dialogue with different stories ad languages: it happened with Hanif Kureshi at the Teatro Alighieri in Ravenna (2011), and with Emidio Clementi, the singer and bass player with Massimo Volume in Modena.

As a curator, he is the founder and curator of the Komikazen International Festival of Reality Comics, taking place in Ravenna since 2005. He drew the graphic novels The Tamer of Istanbul (Comma 22, 2008 – ebook in english by VandaPublishing), Officina del macello (Edizioni del Vento, 2008; reprinted by Eris Edizioni 2014), Julian Assange dall’etica hacker a Wikileaks (BeccoGiallo 2011), A cena con Gramsci (Becco giallo 2012), Arrivederci Berlinguer (Becco giallo 2013), Pertini tra le nuvole (Becco Giallo 2014), and Diario segreto di Pasolini (BeccoGiallo 2015).

Elettra Stamboulis

Elettra Stamboulis was born in 1969 in Bologna, Italy. She is a curator and comic writer based in Ravenna, Italy. She has curated exhibitions of works by Marjane Satrapi, Joe Sacco, Zograf, nal exhibitions and many other international artists in Italy, and is the founder and curator of Komikazen International Festival of Reality Comics, taking place in Ravenna since 2005. Her graphic novels include The Tamer of Istanbul (Comma 22, 2008); Officina del macello (Edizioni del Vento, 2008; reprinted by Eris Edizioni, 2014); A cena con Gramsci (Becco giallo, 2012); Arrivederci Berlinguer (Becco giallo, 2013); Pertini tra le nuvole (Becco Giallo, 2014); and Diario segreto di Pasolini (Becco Giallo 2015), all with drawings by Gianluca Costantini.  She has also written many short stories translated into English, French, Turkish, and Greek, in particular for Le Monde Diplomatique, Babel, and Leman.

Translated from Italian by Jamie Richards

Jamie Richards is a translator and editorial consultant based in Milan. Her translations include Igort’s Ukrainian and Russian Notebooks, Giovanni Orelli’s Walaschek’s Dream, Serena Vitale’s interviews with Viktor Shklovsky, Shklovsky: Witness to an Era, and Igiaba Scego’s novel Adua. She holds an MFA in translation from the University of Iowa and a PhD in comparative literature from the University of Oregon.

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