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Graphic Lit

from the February 2017 issue


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© Francisco de la Mora and José Luis Pescador Huerta. By arrangement with the authors. Translation © 2017 by Gabriela Mejan. All rights reserved. The authors and translator thank Ana Garcia for her editorial work.


Francisco de la Mora

Francisco de la Mora is a comics creator. For the last ten years he has developed a career in scriptwriting, editing, and publishing comics in various forms, from graphic novels to one-page comics, working on collaboration with a number of illustrators from around the world. From January 2018, he has drawn a monthly piece for the Hackney Citizen, a newspaper that won the Niche Market Newspaper of the Year award at the British News Awards 2019. He is the creator of the eight-volume comic adaptation of the book A Brief History of Mexico and his graphic novel about the life of the Mexican painter Diego Rivera will be published in 2021.
Instagram: frandelamoram

José Luis Pescador Huerta

José Luis Pescador (México, 1979) is a comic artist and painter. His latest works are Tetelcingo, Fosas del Olvido, a graphic journalist feature on the graves in Tetelcingo, Morelos. His artwork has been published in many books, magazines, etc. in Mexico and aboard like Tank Magazine, in UK. Pariah-Missouri, a collaboration with comic writer Andres Salazar, was published by Decade Brothers Studio in the US from 2013 to 2016. Currently, he is working on an adaptation of the film El Narco by Mexican film director Luis Estrada and a comic book on twentieth century Mexico for El Colegio de México, both in collaboration with comic writers Francisco de la Mora and Rodrigo Santos.

Translated from Spanish by Gabriela Mejan

Gabriela Mejan holds a BA in Latin American literature from the Universidad Iberoamericana, an MA in children’s literature from Roehampton University, and a PhD in visual culture from King’s College London. She has taught courses on historical fiction at KCL. Dr. Mejan combines her scholarly research with extensive work experience serving the cultural insight needs and implementing digital strategies for global technology companies, new media agencies, and studios in the creative industries. She is the co-founder of Cerebro Urbano (Urban Brain), a foundation formed by a group of expert consultants in higher education, financial inclusion, health, urban planning, and public policy, and works assessing both domestic and foreign organizations interested in implementing projects that contribute to Mexico's development in these areas of counseling. Her areas of interest and research include Latin American literature; visual culture; graphic narratives; comic books; children’s and young adult fiction; borders, frontiers and displacement of cultural icons; and civic technologies, innovation, and visual storytelling to prompt behavior change.

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