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Graphic Lit

from the February 2020 issue

Beirut Trilogy

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From Beyrouth, la trilogie. © 2017 by Barrack Rima and Éditions Alifbata. Published 2017 by Éditions Alifbata, Marseille. By arrangement with the publisher. Translation © 2020 by Carla Calargé and Alexandra Gueydan-Turek. All rights reserved.


Barrack Rima

Born in 1972 in Tripoli, Lebanon, Barrack Rima lives in Brussels. He is a comics artist, filmmaker, and member of Samandal, a comics association in Beirut. To date, he has published the following comics: Cairo Storyteller (in French, La Cafetière, 1998); De Brusselmansen (in Dutch, weekly in Brussel Deze Week newspaper, 1998–2003); Beirut Trilogy (in French, Alifbata, 2017); Sociologia (in Arabic, weekly in Al Akhbar newspaper, 2014–2015); Nap before Noon (in Arabic, Samandal, forthcoming). He has also directed a short film and a documentary: Souvenir from Beirut (fiction, 12 min, 1999) and The Land of 48 (documentary, 57 min, 2003).

Translated from French by Carla Calargé and by Alexandra Gueydan-Turek

Carla Calargé is Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies at Florida Atlantic University. She works with French-speaking Arab cultural production and has published extensively on the literature and cinema of North Africa and the Near East. Her book, Liban. Mémoires fragmentées d’une guerre obsédante (Brill, 2017), examines the cultural memorialization of the Lebanese civil war as it is expressed by Lebanese writers, artists, and filmmakers between 2000 and 2015. Most recently, Calargé coedited with Alexandra Gueydan-Turek a special issue of Nouvelles Etudes Francophones devoted to the Francophone graphic novel (2019).

Alexandra Gueydan-Turek is an Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies at Swarthmore College (USA). Her work examines locally produced comics from the MENA region, from nonfictional comics to underground comix and Algerian manga. Most recently, she coedited with Carla Calargé a special issue of Nouvelles Etudes Francophones (34.1) on Francophone graphic works, in which she contributed an article on recent graphic exchanges across the Maghreb, and their renewed relational ethics.

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