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Graphic Lit

from the February 2010 issue

from “Farm 54”

The graphic novel Farm 54 brings together three semi-autobiographical stories from the childhood, puberty, and early adulthood (military service years) of its female protagonist, growing up in Israel’s rural periphery in the 1970s and 1980s. The stories present the disturbing underground dimensions of adolescence, and the dangers and traumas that subvert the superficial tranquility of youth in the countryside. While these Israeli childhood stories take place in the shadow of war and occupation, they eventually also reflect universal feelings, passions and experiences. The piece in this issue is taken from the last chapter, "Houses," set during the protagonist’s military service in the beginning of the first Palestinian Intifada. The young soldier, posted in the occupied territories, is sent on a nocturnal house demolition mission.

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From Meshek 54. By arrangement with the authors. All rights reserved.

Galit Seliktar

Galit Seliktar is the author of two books: Farm 54 (Fanfare/Ponent Mon, 2011), a graphic novel illustrated by Gilad Seliktar, which was nominated for the 2009 Angoulême book award in France and translated into five languages, and the poetry collection In One Thousand Days (Helicon, 2012). Farm 54 was listed in Publishers Weekly’s best books of 2011. Galit has also published poems, short stories, and comics in prominent literary and cultural magazines in Israel, France, the United States, and England. Seliktar is the recipient of poetry grants in Israel and Germany. She lives in Israel with her husband, On Barak, and their daughter, Tamuz. 

Gilad Seliktar

Gilad Seliktar is an illustrator and comics artist. He has illustrated a variety of children’s books, and his work regularly appears in Israel's leading daily newspapers and magazines as well as in anthologies around the world. Gilad is the author of four graphic novels, including: Who Are You Anyway? (2005); the black comedy series Mongol's Demons (ATRABILE, 2009); and Farm 54 (Fanfare/Ponent Mon, 2011) with his sister, Galit Seliktar. Farm 54 was nominated for the 2009 Angoulême book award in France and translated into five languages, and was listed in Publishers Weekly’s best books of 2011. Gilad’s new autobiographical graphic novel, Tsav 8 (çà et là, 2014), was published in France. Gilad lives in Israel with his wife, Adi, their son, Yonatan, and their dog, Bambi, and teaches at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

Translated from Hebrew by Ronen Altman Kaydar

Ronen Altman Kaydar is an Israeli writer and translator who has published a novel (Chaos Butterflies) and a book of poetry (Bite Marks). Altman Kaydar edits the online literary magazine Zuta, teaches creative writing, translates poetry, prose, and travel books, and has written for films and theater. He currently resides in Germany.

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