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Graphic Lit

from the February 2014 issue

I Am a Communist

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Je Suis Communiste © Kun-Woong Park / Ho Young-cheol and Bori Publishing, 2013. Rights arranged through Nicolas Grivel Agency. Translation © 2014 by Sora Kim-Russell and Jamie Chang. All rights reserved.


Kun-woong Park

Born in 1972 in Seoul, Kun-woong Park graduated from the University of Fine Art. His book Flower was published in 2002 and has been published in French by Casterman. He has created many stories for Korean magazines. His main topic is the trauma of the war between the two Koreas and its effect on Korean society.

Translated from Korean by Sora Kim-Russell and by Jamie Chang

Sora Kim-Russell's work has appeared in The American Reader, Asia Literary Review, Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture, New Writing from Korea, and Koreana: a Quarterly on Korean Art & Culture. Her translations include Gong Ji-young’s Our Happy Times (Short Books, 2014) and Shin Kyung-sook’s I’ll Be Right There (Other Press, 2014). Her translations of Jeon Sungtae’s Wolves, Hwang Sok-yong’s Familiar Things, and Hye-young Pyun’s The Hole are forthcoming in spring and summer of 2017.

Jamie Chang is a translator. Her works have been published in Azalea, ASIA, and The American Reader. She lives in Denmark.

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