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Graphic Lit

from the February 2009 issue

Il Maiale: The Pig

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Author's Note: "The Pig" is an allegorical short story, but its scope is not so restricted as it may seem at first. It would be more correctly defined as a "civil" story, rather than a "political" one. A story of the collapse of reason, it deals with the decay of symbols and the celebration of rotting myths. In this way it is not strictly an Italian story, but one about the worst aspects of mass mentality around the world. In truth, the main character is not the pig itself, who doesn't do anything during the entire story (except grunt). The main character is the crowd that gives the pig a standing ovation. But of course, applause can be dangerous.

Riccardo Falcinelli

Riccardo Falcinelli is the founder of Mediagrafia. His books with Marta Poggi include the graphic novels Cardiaferrania and Grafogrifo. Their website is

Marta Poggi

Marta Poggi is an actress and playright. Her books with Riccardo Falcinelli include the graphic novels Cardiaferrania and Grafogrifo. Their website is

Translated from Italian by Minna Proctor

Minna Proctor's translation of Federigo Tozzi's Love in Vain won a PEN Poggioli Prize. She is the author of Do You Hear What I Hear: My Father, the Priesthood, and Religious Calling, and editor of The Literary Review, where "The Pig" first appeared.

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